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How To Sell Your House With Little to No Equity

Traditionally in real estate sales, the seller pays for most of the cost of the transaction. Typical costs can be real estate commissions for both the Buyer’s and Seller’s agents, title insurance, escrow fees, real estate taxes, and often even fees for the Buyer’s new loan.

In most cases, these costs will be in the range of 10% (if you're living in the property) or more about 14% (if the house is vacant) at the time of selling in regards to the selling price.

In today’s economy, money is tight for everyone.  That means that for every $100,000 in the selling price, between $10,000 and $14,000 will be taken out of your proceeds (or more) at closing. This can be a very bitter pill to swallow for any homeowner!

No wonder many sellers simply cannot afford to sell under these conditions. If you’ve bought your home with 100% financing in the last 5 to 10 years you most likely don’t have enough equity to cover these costs.  And even if you’ve put up a 5% or 10% down payment, you may still be “under water” due to the declining markets and no appreciation.

We don’t need your closing costs. That’s why we are the best solution for you.  At Immediate Home Solutions, we have solutions for many different situations – yours could be one of them!  If your property meets our criteria, we can buy your home even if you cannot afford to pay for the cost of selling, and most times, we will even cover any closing costs for you.

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